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On Air Drones provides to their clients an expert consultancy for the creation and development of divisions or companies of RPAS operations.


Through a business model developed joining the experience in the traditional aeronautical management, as well as the specialized RPAS operations, OAD provides services focused on a close collaboration to boost of divisions or companies of RPAS operations.

OAD has signed agreements with RPAS manufactures (in Spain and abroad), hardware and software developers linked to Spanish universities, with the aim to provide comprehensive solutions focused to the clients business models, the market intelligent, equipment, regulation.

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The consultancy provided by On Air Drones, due to the high level of specialization of the projects, are divided in the following stages:


  1. Client requirements analysis.

  2. Advice according with the project requirements.

  3. Project planning: goals, milestones.

  4. Development of the project and continuous assessment.

  5. Conclusions and evaluation (360o analysis).

  6. Adjustments (if needed) and implantation.

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As examples, these are some of the projects OAD develops in the consultancy field:

  • Establishment of divisions focused in RPAS inside companies.

  • Legal advice for business establishment.

  • Operation analysis to determine the RPAS which better fit with the clients necessities.

  • Aeronautical advice for operations.

  • Provide assistance with all procedures with the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency (AESA – Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea).

  • Safety analysis for operations.

  • Insurance advice for operations.

  • Market analysis for RPAS applications.

  • Safety and security analysis for non-collaborative RPAS.

  • Business consultancy for RPAS companies.

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