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Matrice 100 OAD

Our Flagship for industrial operations, the Matrice 100 of DJI with a custom configuration by On Air Drones, includes UHD 4K camera plus a Thermal-Radiometric camera simultaneously combined with a last generation guidance system that allows us to complete any kind of operation, no matter the locale nor situation, even in indoor enviroments. In addition, it flies with a double battery system.

Solar panel inspections, power lines, infrastructure inspections… our M100 OAD provides you all necessary tools to obtain the best results for your works.

DJI Matrice 100 On Air Drones Foto1

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DJI Matrice 100 On Air Drones Foto2
DJI Matrice 100 On Air Drones Foto3

The double battery system offers great flying times to complete the works with absolute comfort

It incorporates an optical RGB UHD 4K camera and a thermal-radiometric camera to obtain all necessary information simultaneously saving time and costs.

In addition, our land control systems allow us to move both cameras as swivel heads 360º remotely, offering a perfect image stabilization thanks to their 3 axis girostabilized  gimbals.

DJI Zemuse X3 On Air Drones
Flir TAU Camara Infrarrojo
Flir TAU 2 Camara térmica

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The Zenmuse X3 camera offers ideal features for RAW photo takes and UHD 4K video recording even in low light conditions.

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Our thermal and radiometric camera Flir TAU 2 640R incorporates a 25mm lens ideal for any kind of technical works.

It is a very high quality level camera that offers temperature per pixel digital radiometric information with absolute precision.

DJI Matrice 100 On Air Drones Foto4

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The last generation DJI Guidance System allows our aircraft to generate a 3D map of the environment inside its powerful main board though data received by its ultrasonic and optical sensors, what gives the aircraft the ability to get a very high precision position with less than a centimeter error in situations with no GPS signals, like Indoor environments and detect and avoid any obstacle.

All these systems make our aircraft the perfect tool for your technical inspection works, visual and thermal.

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