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The three main lines of each project developed by On Air Drones are:


  • Excellence as the main drive in all assignments.

  • Safety in all RPAS operations.

  • Efficiency in all process develop.

OAD accomplish each project with the highest level of Excellence, operating under strict Safety measures and enhancing the client Efficiency as well as the project execution.


OAD has achieved a continuous improvement management system to ensure this Excellence in the final work provided to their clients, increasing the Efficiency in the aerial works.


The Safety process begins with a research and a deep analysis of the environment where the operation is going to take place. If the operation is marked as feasible, OAD requires (in case needed) to the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency (AESA – Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea), an approval.

OAD only performs their operations if the legal and safety report is positive. Otherwise, another options will be studied and offered to the client according with the law.


Once the analysis is realized, the client will be informed about the procedures, to perform a timely operation planning.

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